Jan Andries Post: Cellular Electron Microscopy

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Jan A Postdr. Jan Andries Post
Cell Biology, Faculty of Science, Utrecht University
Kruytgebouw, room W505
Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht
The Netherlands
Fax. +31-(0)30-2533894
e-mail: J.A.Post@uu.nl


Curriculum Vitae

Jan Andries Post studied biology at Universiteit Utrecht and obtained his MSc in 1985 (cum laude). Afterwards he was appointment as a PhD student at the Chemistry faculty and at the interfaculty Institute of Molecular Biology and Medical Biotechnology, Universteit Utrecht, the Netherlands and received his PhD (cum laude) in 1989. His thesis was entitled “Lipid organization in myocardial sarcolemma and ischemia/reperfusion” and combined biochemistry on membrane lipids in the van Deenen lab (Chemistry) and electron microscopy in the lab of Verkleij (Biology). Afterwards he moved to the Cardiovascular Research Laboratory, UCLA (Los Angeles, USA), working on the role of sarcolemmal phospholipids in excitation-contraction coupling with Glenn A. Langer. In 1992 he returned to Utrecht as a research fellow of the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW) for a period of 5 years. In 1997 he was appointed as associate professor at Utrecht University at the Cell Biology department. In 2009 he became chair a.i. of Biomolecular Imaging, Utrecht and in 2014 he joined the Cell Biology group as an associate professor.

A pdf of a short CV can be downloaded here.



My research focuses on the application of electron microscopy (EM) in the field of Cellular Electron microscopy and specifically on correlative microscopy and 3D-EM (electron tomography and focused ion beam – scanning EM tomography). Correlative microscopy allows studying rare cellular events or specific cells themselves at high resolution. New applications clearly need new experimental protocols and approaches, which are goals of current projects.


Figure 1: Immuno-labeling for caveolin after tLCP in HUVECs, judged by different microscopic techniques. A) Immunofluorescence. Cells with a perforated nucleus (blue, with a black hole) show labeling (red) throughout the cytoplasm, while non-perforated cells (intact blue nuclei) are negative. B and C) 2D TEM micrographs of 50-nm thick sections of HUVECs, cut in parallel to the base of the cell monolayer. Numerous caveolae are present and show immuno-gold (5 nm) labeling in both chemically fixed (B) and high-pressure frozen, freeze-substituted and rehydrated (C) cells. In both cases membranes are well preserved, but in the latter the cytoplasm retained more material, showing the superior cell preservation. D) 2D TEM micrograph of a 350-nm thick section of a HUVEC, cut in perpendicular to the cell monolayer. Multiple caveolae labeled with 5-nm gold are present. The large gold particles (20 nm) are the fiducials used for alignment of the tilt series. E) Virtual slices (thickness ∼4 nm) extracted from the tomogram calculated for the area squared in (D). Asterisks are on the same XY coordinate and numbers indicate the slice location in Z . Arrow points to the same location of the plasma membrane as in (F). F) 3D model of caveolar structures present in the area squared in (D). A cluster of caveolae (yellow) invaginated from the plasma membrane (yellow, arrow) is surrounded by several gold particles (red) that label for caveolin. Some of the gold particles are orderly arranged in a curve following the curvature of the membrane (red with white lines). Scale bars: (A) 25 μm, (B–D) 200nm and (E) 50 nm. (Traffic 13: 926–933).

Current projects:
Cyttron II (www.cyttron.org), a consortium of 14 academic and industrial partners. Together we further develop and integrate bioimaging technologies and in which we focus on correlative imaging and 3D-EM.
Collaboration with OHSU, Portland, USA, a project on visualizing and studying cancer cell biology.
Safe design of QDs PhD project, a TNO sponsored PhD project in close collaboration with Andries Meijerink (UU, Debije Institute).


Figure 2: Validation of CLEM procedures for TEM analysis: OG-LDL uptake by HUVECs. Cells positive for OG-LDL are localized by laser scanning microscopy in fluorescence mode (A) that combined with transmitted light mode (B) provides the information necessary to map the position of the cells of interest. (C) Imaging under a phase contrast light microscope gives valuable extra information on the shape of the cells of interest. (D) The mapped areas can be easily found on the surface of the epon block that can be subsequently trimmed and sectioned en face. (E) Under TEM, cells of interest are first localized at low magnification. (F) The analysis at higher magnification reveals that cells positive for OG-LDL are rich in endosomes/lysosomes and lipid droplets. Squares in A–D correspond to quadrant ‘d4’ shown in Fig. 1(A3) or (A4) and to the same area imaged in (E). Asterisks in (E) and (F) point out the nucleus of the same cell. The arrow in (F) points to the multivesicular body showed in detail in the inset. Note that some figures were electronically flipped in order to facilitate recognition of the cells of interest through the complete procedure. Scale bars: (A)–(D), 100 μm; (E), 30 μm; (F), 1 μm; (F) inset, 100 nm. (Journal of Microscopy, 237, 208–220).


Lab members

Elleke van Harten (Ph.D. student) E.J.vanHarten@uu.nl




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