• Cell Biology - Department of Biology - Faculty of Science - Utrecht University
  • Cell Biology - Department of Biology - Faculty of Science - Utrecht University
  • Cell Biology - Department of Biology - Faculty of Science - Utrecht University
Cell Biology

About us

Cell Biology is a research division of the Biology Department of the Faculty of Science at Utrecht University. The division includes several research groups and is led by Prof. Dr. Casper Hoogenraad and Prof. Dr. Anna Akhmanova. Our goal is to gain insight into basic cellular processes and in this way to provide mechanistic basis for devising therapies for cancer, metabolic and neurological diseases.

We are interested in the mechanisms underlying cytoskeletal dynamics, membrane transport and signaling pathways that underlie cell proliferation and differentiation, neuronal development and synaptic plasticity. We investigate cellular processes at a broad range of levels, from single molecules and protein networks to cells, tissues, and whole organisms.

The main research topics within the division are cellular dynamicsbiophysics, molecular neuroscience, cellular electron microscopy, neurodevelopmentsynaptic physiology, and molecular oncology.

 Grant and Award News:

Maarten Kole appointed special professor in the Biophysics of complex cellular systems
ERC Synergy Grant for Anna Akhmanova and Marileen Dogterom
ERC Consolidator Grant for Casper Hoogenraad
Myrrhe van Spronsen wins the 2013 IB Publication Price
Veni-grant for Harold Mac Gillavry
ERC Starting Grant for Lukas Kapitein
A Vidi-grant for Lukas Kapitein
Dr. Myrrhe van Spronsen wins the 2013 Dutch Neurofederation PhD thesis prize

 Research News:

Controlling organelle transport and positioning with light
Microtubule minus-end binding protein CAMSAP2 controls axon specification and dendrite development
How botox binds to neurons
A hyperactive kinesin causes the eye movement disorder CFEOM1
VAPB and YIF1A regulate membrane delivery into dendrites
Liprin-α2 controls presynaptic composition and dynamics
EBs enhance microtubule sensitivity to cancer drugs
Mitochondrial Trafficking to Axons and Dendrites
Structural basis of tubulin tyrosination by TTL
BICD2 brings dynein and dynactin together
DNERR in paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration
Proteome-wide search reveals multiple new +TIPs
Stem cells for cancer treatment


Summerschool 2015 - Neuronal Circuit development and plasticity, poster: here

YouTube video - A Day in the Life of a Motor Protein



Positions Available!

We are looking for talented and motivated PhD and postdoctoral candidates who are interested in cytoskeletal dynamics, intracellular transport, cellular biophysics, molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity, antibody technologies and their therapeutic applications.