Microtubule dynamicsTransport along microtubules


Putting motor proteins to work inside cells

Motility before and after recruitment of the kinesin KIF17-GFP (right) to peroxisomes (left) using FKBP-Rapalog-FRB based heterodimerization.


Microtubule dynamics

Microtubule dynamics
Microtubule network is visualised in a MRC5 fibroblast
by expressing mCherry-α-tubulin.

Dynamic behaviour of a plus end tracking protein
EB3-GFP visualises the ends of growing microtubules
in a HeLa cell during early mitotic prophase

Transport along microtubules

Endosomes move along microtubules
Simultaneous imaging of fluorescently tagged Rab5-positive endosomes (red)
and microtubules (green) in a HeLa cell

Induced  movement of mitochondria and peroxisomes
The N-terminal part of BICD2 interacts with the dynein motor. At the beginning of the movie BICD2 N-terminus is recruited to mitochondria and peroxisomes (green) with the aid of regulated heterodimerisation system (FRB-FKPB system, Ariad). This results in the directional transport of these organelles along microtubules (red) to the microtubule-organising centre.

Dynamics of GFP-Rab6-positive vesicles
GFP-Rab6 decorates the Golgi apparatus and cytoplasmic vesicles, which move
predominantly from the centre of the cell to the periphery.