Utrecht Nanobody Facility

  • Production of immune libraries.
  • Selection of nanobodies that bind with high specificity and affinity to a proteinaceous target (usually <10 nM).
  • Production and purification at different yield using E. coli or mammalian HEK cells.
  • Fusion to different tags such as myc, his, EPEA, FLAG, GFP, RFP etc.
  • Site directed conjugation to fluorophores (Alexa, Atto, NIR dyes) or gold particles.
  • Nanobodies can be engineered in different formats including bivalent, bispecific, trimeric, biparatopic etc.
  • Nanobodies can be N-terminally biotinylated.

Typical time lines are three months for immunization and library construction and 3 months for selection.