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Postdoc positions

Postdoc position in the Farías group is available on the project “Organelle contacts in neurons”

Postdoctoral position as part of IMAGINE! in the Kapitein group is available on “Automated Optogenetic Control of Cellular Dynamics”


Farías group

In the lab of Ginny Farías, 1 postdoc position (2 years) is available.
Organelle contacts in neurons.
Cell function relies on the compartmentalization of different processes. The formation of discrete organelles ensures the segregation of incompatible processes, but at the same time they must be coordinated to ensure proper cellular function. In highly polarized cells such as neurons, this organelle coordination is much more complex because of the highly asymmetric architecture of these cells. By using biochemical and imaging approaches in neurons, this project aims to identify novel players involved in organelle contacts and elucidate their contribution to neuronal function. Experience in protein-protein interaction tools and/or proteomics data analysis is required. To apply, please send your CV and a motivation letter to Dr. Ginny Farías (g.c.fariasgaldames@uu.nl).


Kapitein group

In the lab of Lukas Kapitein, a postdoc position (3 years) is available.
To apply, please send an email to l.kapitein@uu.nl

Automated Optogenetic Control of Cellular Dynamics

In this postdoc position you will develop event-driven imaging and high-precision control strategies to enable real-time manipulation of key aspects of cell and developmental biology (smart microscopy). Ultimately, the goal is to establish microscopy-guided automated real-time control of biological processes. This will enable automatic identification of certain cellular states or events (e.g. a cell in mitosis, a cell moving out of a niche) within a tissue followed by the automatic and iterative light-driven perturbations that can alter the cellular state or event (e.g. altering the orientation of the mitotic spindle, directing cells to specific locations).

You will collaborate with different research groups within the IMAGINE! project. For the biological systems you will work closely with the Van de HeuvelAkhmanova and Rios groups. With the Smal and Smith groups you will collaborate to develop real-time analysis and control strategies. For more information on this and other positions as part of the IMAGINE! project please have a look at  imagine-microscopy.nl/jobs.