Confocal Leica SP8 FLIM STED3X super-resolution

Super Resolution and confocal microscope Leica TCS SP8 STED3X SMD FLIM

Confocal Leica SP8 FLIM STED3X super-resolution
Joanna Lipka is studying the microtubules in primary hippocampal neurons  

Primary tasks:

  • STED super-resolution imaging
  • Confocal live cell microscopy
  • FLIM

Leica DMI 6000 CS AFC with Adaptive Focus Control
Confocal module with filter free spectral detector and HyD detectors

20x (oil) HC PL APO 20x/0.75 IMM CORR CS2
40x (oil) HC PL APO 40x/1.30 Oil CS2
63x (oil) HC PL APO 63x/1.40 OIL CS2
100x (oil) STED

Laser lines
405 nm DMOD Flexible
440 pulsed FLIM
White Laser (470 670 nm)
Argon laser
STED 592 nm, STED 660 nm, STED 775 nm

Ludin Cube and Box with Active CO2 gas regulation


Location: O-513
Contact Person: Ilya Grigoriev / Eugene Katrukha