Spinning Disc 1 Nikon-Roper ILAS PhotoAblation

Confocal Yokogawa Spinning Disc X1 Nikon Ti Roper iLas FRAPPhotoablation system
Microscopy facility manager Ilya Grigoriev, in front of Spinning Disc microscope

Primary tasks:
Confocal Spinning Disc microscopy, 3D imaging, FRAP, Photo-Activation, Photo-Ablation (355 nm)

Microscope: Nikon Eclipse Ti with Perfect Focus System

Confocal Head: Yokogawa CSU-X1-A1

Apo TIRF 100x N.A. 1.49 oil, S Fluor 100x N.A. 0.5-1.3 (for 355 nm) oil, Plan Apo VC 100x N.A. 1.40 oil, Plan Apo VC 60x N.A. 1.40 oil, Plan Fluor 40x N.A. 1.30 oil, Plan Apo 20x N.A. 0.75, Plan Apo 10x N.A. 0.45

Beamsplitter: DV2 (Two-channel, simultaneous-imaging system)

Camera: Photometrics Evolve 512 EMCCD

Vortran Stradus 405 (405 nm / 100 mW)
Vortran Stradus 445 (445 nm / 80 mW)
Vortran Stradus 488 (448 nm / 150 mW)
Cobolt Jive (561 nm / 110 mW)
Vortran Stradus 642 (642 nm / 165 mW)
Teem Photonics 355 nm Q-switched pulsed laser (for photoablation)

FRAP: ILas system (Roper Scientific France/ PICT-IBiSA, Institut Curie)

ET-DAPI (49000), ET-CFP (49001), ET-GFP (49002), ET-YFP (49003), ET-mCherry (49008),     ET-CFP/YFP (59017), ET-GFPmCherry (59022) – all Chroma

Stage: ASI motorized stage MS-2000-XYZ with Piezo Top Plate

Filter Wheels: Sutter LB10-3 (excitation filter wheel with smart shutter; smart shutter for transmission light)

Heating: Tokai Hit INUBG2E-ZILCS Stage Top Incubator

Software: MetaMorph 7.7

Resolution: 67 nm in 1 pixel (100x objective)


Location: Z-526
Contact Person: Ilya Grigoriev