Spinning Disc 3 Nikon-Andor Revolution 500

Andor Revolution 500
Confocal Yokogawa Spinning Disc X1 – Nikon Ti system
(Spinning Disc 3)

Suzan Ruijtenberg and Mike Boxem are imaging the worm (Ceanorhabditis elegans), in which their newly developed CRE-loxP based recombination system is illustrated in the intestine. Tissue specific expression of CRE leads to an intestine specific knock-out of their gene of interest in blue and, at the same time, causes a switch from red to green in the intestine while other tissues are unaffected.

Primary tasks:
Confocal Spinning Disc microscopy, 3D imaging

Microscope: Nikon Eclipse Ti-U (manual)

Confocal Head: Yokogawa CSU-X1-M1

Plan Apo VC 100x DIC N.A. 1.40 oil
Plan Apo VC 60x DIC N.A. 1.40 oil
Plan Apo 20x DIC N.A. 0.50 dry
Plan Apo 10x DIC N.A. 0.30 dry

Camera: Andor iXon DU-885 (1004 x 1002 pixels)

DPSS CW 488 nm, 50 mW
DPSS CW 561 nm, 50 mW

“530” GFP-L [EX 460-500 / DM 505 / BA 510]
“600” TxRed [EX 540-580 / DM 595 / BA 600-660]
“DIC” Nikon TI-A

Filter Wheels: Sutter LB10-B (emission filter wheel). 488LP; 525/30 green; 617/73 red; 512/630 dual.

Stage: Nikon Ti-S-E motorized XY stage / Andor APZ-X00 Piezo Z-stage

Heating: Warner Instruments Thermal Cooling Module (TCM-1) with Bipolar Temperature Controller (CL-100)

Software: MetaMorph 7.8

Resolution: 70 nm in 1 pixel (100x objective)

Location: O-519
Contact Person: Ilya Grigoriev / Mike Boxem