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PhD defense Max Adrian

Wednesday July 5, 2017 14.30 hr Pdf files: invitation, page 2.

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Quantum dots illuminate transport within the cell

Biophysicists from Utrecht University have developed a strategy for using light-emitting nanocrystals as a marker in living cells. By recording the movements of these quantum dots, they can clarify the structure and dynamics of the cytoskeleton. Their findings were published

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Fiji / ImageJ workshop for advanced users: Tuesday 4 April 2017

BioImaging Utrecht workshop Location will be announced later For those of you that are using ImageJ and have questions or difficulties in finding the right solutions for your images. During this hands-on session our experts will guide you through your

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PhD defense Qingyang Liu

Wednesday April 12, 2017 14.30 hr Pdf files: invitation, page 2.  

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PhD defense Jingchao Wu

February 15th 2017 12.45 hr Jingchao Wu See pdf files: front, page 2, invitation

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Multiple PhD positions within the FOM program NeuroPhotonics

Multiple PhD positions are still available within the FOM program NeuroPhotonics: unraveling the physics of signaling in intact neuronal networks. For more information, click Positions available.

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Growing microtubules control cancer cell invasion

Benjamin P. Bouchet, Ivar Noordstra, Miranda van Amersfoort, Eugene A. Katrukha, York-Christoph Ammon, Natalie D. ter Hoeve, Louis Hodgson, Marileen Dogterom, Patrick W.B. Derksen and Anna Akhmanova Mesenchymal cell invasion requires cooperative regulation of persistent microtubule growth by SLAIN2 and

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FOM Program on Neurophotonics

How do electrical signal propagate through brain tissue? To answer this question, groups from the Department of Biology and the Department of Physics will collaborate within the framework of a new FOM-program on Neurophotonics. This program brings together experts in

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