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Anna Akhmanova elected as honorary member of the UBV

Anna was presented as the new honorary member of the UBV at the centenary opening of the UBV in the Domkerk. The UBV applauded her contribution to the field of Cell Biology Dynamics and her commitment to teaching of biology

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Commendation from the Dean for Laurens van Meeteren

It is unusual for a course to score an 8.4 in the evaluations. But the course Molecular Biology has proven that it’s possible, even when you have to teach the course online to more than 450 first-year students. Faculty of

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Queen Máxima visits the Biology “MGOT”-practical

Her Majesty Queen Máxima visited Utrecht University on Tuesday, 8 December. The work visit dealt with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on education and the welfare of students and lecturers. To get an impression of how education is progressing

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Lena Will UBV Teacher of the year

Every year the Utrecht Biologist Association (UBV) holds an election for the title: Biology Teacher of the year. This year a large number of students joined the election and most votes went to Lena. Many students will know Lena from

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Seeing a microtubule-targeting drug in action

Scientists from Utrecht University have succeeded in applying advanced microscopy to visualise the activity of the widely used drug Taxol. Taxol is often used in cancer chemotherapy. A better understanding of the precise action of the drug offers starting points

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Hugo Damstra awarded second place Young Talent Pfizer award

On Monday the 25th of November, Hugo Damstra received the second place Young Talent Pfizer Award in the Life Sciences for his master’s thesis: “Kinesin-4 KIF21B controls centrosome polarization during immunological synapse formation”. The jury acknowledged the scientific quality and

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Laurens van Meeteren nominated for Utrecht University Teaching Talent Award 2018-2019

After a vote amongst biology students the Utrecht Biologists Association (UBV) had selected Laurens van Meeteren as their candidate for the Teaching Talent Award 2018-2019. A jury comprising lecturers and students has now selected Laurens and 3 other teachers for

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“One more BKO within Biology”

Sabrina Oliveira received her BKO (basic teaching qualification) on September 28th at the monthly Biology Borrel. Soon after starting her position as an assistant professor (July 2016), Sabrina followed the course Teaching in Higher Education which enabled her to develop

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