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Vici award to Prof.dr. Maarten H.P. Kole

Speed of thought at nanoscale Billions of nerve cells in the brain rapidly and efficiently process information by an electrical insulation material called myelin. A multidisciplinary research team will examine at nanoscopic detail whether myelin speeds signals like in coaxial

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3R Stimulus funding for Casper Hoogenraad and Feline Lindhout

Casper Hoogenraad and Feline Lindhout received 3R Stimulus funding to set-up an animal-free neurobiological model system at the Cell Biology department of Utrecht University. The 3R Stimulus Fund supports ideas resulting in replacing, reducing or refining experiments on laboratory animals.

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VIDI Grant for Harold Mac Gillavry

Harold Mac Gillavry received a VIDI grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). This grant of 800,000 euros enables researchers to set up their research group and develop their innovative line of research. With this grant, Harold MacGillavry

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Synapse talk wins ScienceBattle theatre show

In ScienceBattle, four PhD students give a talk about their research on stage, and are competing to get selected as winner by the audience. Feline Lindhout won the ScienceBattle tryout edition on April 5th in Walhalla Rotterdam with her talk

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PhD defense Marta da Silva

Monday May 22th 2017, 16.15 hr PDF files: invitation, page 2.

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PhD defense Max Adrian

Wednesday July 5, 2017 14.30 hr Pdf files: invitation, page 2.

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Quantum dots illuminate transport within the cell

Biophysicists from Utrecht University have developed a strategy for using light-emitting nanocrystals as a marker in living cells. By recording the movements of these quantum dots, they can clarify the structure and dynamics of the cytoskeleton. Their findings were published

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Fiji / ImageJ workshop for advanced users: Tuesday 4 April 2017

BioImaging Utrecht workshop Location will be announced later For those of you that are using ImageJ and have questions or difficulties in finding the right solutions for your images. During this hands-on session our experts will guide you through your

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