Wide-field DIC Phase Contrast FL “PEX”-scope

Wide-field Nikon Ti PEXscope 1

Wide-field Nikon Ti PEXscope 2
Sam van Beuningen and Mariella Franker are studying the molecular motors using inducible PEX assay


Primary tasks:
• Long-term imaging
• Phase-Contrast

Microscope: Nikon Ti

Fluorescence Filters:
ET-EBFP2 (49021), ET-GFP (49002), ET-mCherry (49008),
ET-Qdot 625 – all Chroma

Plan Fluor 40x/1.30 Oil DIC (WD=0.20mm)
Plan Apochromat 20x/0.75 Phase Contrast (WD=1.00mm)

Software: MicroManager

Location: Z-515
Contact Person: Ilya Grigoriev