Confocal Zeiss LSM 5 Pascal

Zeiss Pascal
Dora Panagaki is studying the primary neuronal cells, fixed and stained for early endosomes, mitochondria and Golgi apparatus.

Primary tasks:
• Confocal microscopy
• 3D imaging

Axiovert 200M (motorized inverted)
DIC optics

10x (dry)
40x (water immersion)
63x (water immersion)

Laser lines
Argon Laser 488, 514, 548 nm
He-Ne 543 nm
Diode 405 nm

Fluorescence filters
excitation BP365/12, emission LP397
excitation BP450/490, emission LP515
excitation BP546/12, emission LP590

Environmental chamber

Location: O-525
Contact Person: Ilya Grigoriev / Eugene Katrukha