Upright FL microscope Olympus AX70

Olympus AX70
Emine Korkmazare and Ankie van Geffen are working on the skin samples of intracranial aneurism from a patient, looking for the collagen aberrations.

Primary tasks: Imaging of fixed samples

Microscope: Olympus AX70

A full set of objectives from 2.5x to 100x is available for all our wide-field fluorescence microscopes. Dry objectives are available up to 40x, water and oil immersion objectives from 40x up.

Camera: Nikon DS-Fi2 color camera (2560 x 1920 pixels)

excitation BP330/385, emission LP420
excitation BP470/490, emission BP580 515/550
excitation BP520/550, emission LP580

Software: Nikon NIS-Elements BR

Location: O-512
Contact Person: Ilya Grigoriev / Eugene Katrukha