Upright FL microscope Zeiss Axioskop

Upright fluorescence microscope Zeiss Axioskop
Karin Boekhoorn, studying Tau-transgenic mouse brain, stained for Tau-hyperphosphorylation

Primary tasks: Imaging of fixed samples

Manual upright
DIC optics

A full set of objectives from 2.5x to 100x is available for all our wide-field fluorescence microscopes. Dry objectives are available up to 40x, water and oil immersion objectives from 40x up.

Fluorescence filters
excitation BP365/12, emission LP397
excitation BP450/490, emission LP515
excitation BP546/12, emission LP590

Nikon DXM1200 camera (1280×1024 px, 24-bit RGB, 12 frames/sec.),
Nikon ACT-1 software.

Location: O-512
Contact Person: Ilya Grigoriev / Eugene Katrukha