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PhD theses


Michael Dumbacher- April 23, 2018 Utrecht University
promotor: Prof. Dr. C.C. Hoogenraad
co-promotor: Dr. G. Griffioen
Ivar Noordstra – November 29, 2017 Utrecht University
promotor: Prof. Dr. A.S. Akhmanova
Amol Aher – November 29, 2017
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NMDA receptor activation – videos

NMDA receptor activation suppresses microtubule growth and spine entry. Kapitein LC, Yau KW, Montenegro Gouveia S, van der Zwan WA, Wulf PS, Keijzer N, Demmers J, Jaworski J, Akhmanova A and Hoogenraad CC. J Neurosci. 2011 Jun 1;31(22):8194-209. PMID:21632941Read more

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Supplementary information: Kapitein et al., J. of Neurosci (2011)Read more

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Microtubule dynamicsTransport along microtubules


Putting motor proteins to work inside cells

Motility before and after recruitment of the kinesin KIF17-GFP (right) to peroxisomes (left) using FKBP-Rapalog-FRB based heterodimerization.


Microtubule dynamics

Microtubule dynamics
Microtubule network is visualised … Read more

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Selected recent publications:


Tas RP, Chazeau A, Cloin BMC, Lambers MLA, Hoogenraad CC, and Kapitein LC. Differentiation between Oppositely Oriented Microtubules Controls Polarized Neuronal Transport. Neuron, 2017; 96 (6): 1264-1271 e5.

Atherton J, Jiang K, Stangier MM, Luo Y, Read more

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