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PhD parties


Kah Wai Yau party, 18th May.

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BachelorMaster (thesis)Master (Research projects)Exchange students


Bachelor students – thesis and/or short research projects


Doortje Kreke UU Bachelor Biology
Mareike Lohse UU Bachelor Biology
Kyra Swildens UU Bachelor Biomedical Sciences (Thesis)
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PhD theses


Michael Dumbacher- April 23, 2018 Utrecht University
promotor: Prof. Dr. C.C. Hoogenraad
co-promotor: Dr. G. Griffioen
Ivar Noordstra – November 29, 2017 Utrecht University
promotor: Prof. Dr. A.S. Akhmanova
Amol Aher – November 29, 2017
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Positions available

Positions are available for PhD students and postdocs interested in cytoskeletal dynamics, intracellular transport, cellular biophysics, neurobiology, antibody technologies and their therapeutic applications.

PhD position on Neuronal Organelle Dynamics in the Farías group available on the project “Endoplasmic Read more

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Supplementary information: Kapitein et al., J. of Neurosci (2011)Read more

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Selected recent publications:


Tas RP, Chazeau A, Cloin BMC, Lambers MLA, Hoogenraad CC, and Kapitein LC. Differentiation between Oppositely Oriented Microtubules Controls Polarized Neuronal Transport. Neuron, 2017; 96 (6): 1264-1271 e5.

Atherton J, Jiang K, Stangier MM, Luo Y, Read more

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Lab members

FacultyTechnical SupportPostdocsPhD students



Chair of Cell Biology Chair of Biophysics
Anna Akhmanova   Casper Hoogenraad       Lukas Kapitein



Paul van Bergen en Henegouwen   Fons Cremers     Esther de Graaff
Paul van Bergen
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