Dr. Myrrhe van Spronsen wins the 2013 Dutch Neurofederation PhD thesis prize


The Dutch Neurofederation is proud to announce that the winner of this year’s prize is Dr. Myrrhe van Spronsen (Utrecht University), with her thesis ‘ Motors and adaptors: transport regulation within neurons ‘ (promotor prof dr C Hoogenraad). Myrrhe will receive the prize and give a lecture at the ENP meeting in Lunteren on Thursday, May 30th, at 17.30 hr. The jury, composed of Prof. Dr. Luiten, Prof. Dr. Lopes da Silva and Dr. van Dam, received 24 nominations from PhD supervisors of universities and research institutes throughout the Netherlands. The jury acknowledges the high quality of the studies performed by Myrrhe van Spronsen. Her thesis gives new insights into the fundamental processes in the brain which could lead to a better understanding of neurological diseases.

The Dutch Neurofederation PhD Thesis Prize is an initiative of the “Friends of the Dutch Neurofederation” and is an award for the thesis work of young neuroscientists and an incentive to continue their career in the neurosciences. The prize is presented annually, at the Endo-Neuro-Psycho (ENP) meeting. You can support this initiative of the Neurofederation by becoming a Friend and transferring €25, €50 or €100 to ABN-AMRO in the name of Stichting Vrienden van de Neurofederatie in Amsterdam. For more information see: www.neurofederatie.nl.

The Board of ‘Friends of the Dutch Neurofederation’
Prof. Dr. Elly Hol, Prof. Dr. Dick Swaab and Prof. Dr. Ron de Kloet

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