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Proteome-wide search reveals multiple new +TIPs

Jiang K, Toedt G, Montenegro Gouveia S, Davey NE, Hua S, van der Vaart B, Grigoriev I, Larsen J, Pedersen LB, Bezstarosti K, Lince-Faria M, Demmers J, Steinmetz MO, Gibson TJ, Akhmanova A.
A Proteome-wide Screen for Mammalian SxIP Motif-Containing Read more

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Stem cells for cancer treatment

Therapeutic stem cells expressing variants of EGFR-specific nanobodies have antitumor effects. Van de Water JA, Bagci-Onder T, Agarwal AS, Wakimoto H, Roovers RC, Zhu Y, Kasmieh R, Bhere D, Van Bergen En Henegouwen PMP, Shah K. Proc Natl Acad Sci Read more

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SLAIN2 controls microtubule growth

SLAIN2 links microtubule plus-end tracking proteins and controls microtubule dynamics in a cell-cycle dependent manner. Babet van der Vaart, Cristina Manatschal, Ilya Grigoriev, Vincent Olieric, Susana Montenegro Gouveia, Saša Bjelić, Jeroen Demmers, Ivan Vorobjev, Casper C. Hoogenraad, Michel O. Steinmetz … Read more

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Cytoskeletal motor proteins discriminate between axons and dendrites

Mixed microtubules steer dynein-driven cargo transport into dendrites. Kapitein LC, Schlager MA, Kuijpers M, Wulf PS, van Spronsen M, MacKintosh FC, Hoogenraad CC. Curr Biol. 2010 Feb 23;20(4):290-9. PMID: 20137950

To establish and maintain their polarized morphology, neurons employ active … Read more

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