Lena Will UBV Teacher of the year

Every year the Utrecht Biologist Association (UBV) holds an election for the title: Biology Teacher of the year. This year a large number of students joined the election and most votes went to Lena.

Many students will know Lena from the different (large) courses she coordinates: The level 2 course Moleculair Genetische Onderzoeks Technieken and the level 3 course Neuronale Aandoeningen. In both courses she incorporates her own research in the different practical’s and lets the student help her obtain new results.

Besides that, she took over the coordination of the 1st year course Genen en Gezondheid. Lena’s enthusiasm in motivating students became clear when she managed to engage all first year students in this course into making a joined information brochure about Sars-CoV-2. Despite not being graded for this, the students were very keen to help produce an excellent brochure, highlighting different aspects of the virus which forced the students into online collaborations only. This may have contributed to the students of the UBV electing Lena for the Biology Teacher of the year award 2020.

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