Queen Máxima visits the Biology “MGOT”-practical

Her Majesty Queen Máxima visited Utrecht University on Tuesday, 8 December. The work visit dealt with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on education and the welfare of students and lecturers. To get an impression of how education is progressing and face-to-face education on campus continues in Corona-times, Queen Máxima attended the Biology “MGOT” (molecular-genetic research techniques) practical by Assistant Professor Lena Will. To give the Biology students the chance to develop research skills and learning to perform experiment also in Corona-times, Lena set up a 1.5-meter practical for 150 MGOT-students. Therefore she uses the physical space on the campus and at the same time makes use of digital resources.

Bron foto: Brunopress/ Patrick van Emst.

For example, the two big practical rooms in the Koningsberger Building are connected via MS Teams livestream, and the practicals are given partially as hybrid lab seminars, where the students work in pairs; one student in the practical room and the other one connected remotely from home via MS Teams.

Queen Máxima’s visit to Utrecht University is part of a series of work visits conducted by Her Majesty and King Willem-Alexander to talk with those who have been affected by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and for the Biology students and teachers Queen Máxima’s visit of the MGOT-practical was a great honor and splendid surprise!

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